We are apstrata!
(( Apstrata is changing the way developers build mobile and HTML5 applications. This is a service built by developers for developers. We know this service works because we use it everyday to deliver business critical solutions for our enterprise customers. ))

We have been using our platform since 2003 and now we decided to provide it as Back-end-as-a-Service (BaaS). This is not a beta service - it is the most mature platform in the industry with years serving SaaS, mobile and enterprise applications. With Apstrata, developers use our simple SDKs to access important server-side services, crucial for building mobile and HTML5 applications such as Content & Media repository services, Sophisticated Data Querying, Full-Text search, User management, Social Network integration, SSO and an Access Control Lists (ACL) based uniform security layer. All our services are available through simple RESTful APIs to be used by all mobile and web platforms.

Apstrata is a subsidiary of element^n. Headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, elementn^n is a team of 50 developers and consultants delivering technology, solutions and custom applications to global enterprise customers since 2002. Element^n solutions run on the same mature software stack that the apstrata cloud is based on. For the past 8 years, our platform has been successfully used by many large companies in 3 continents to power enterprise and mobile applications.

((Meet the team

Elie Hanna - VP Operations & Quality

Elie is a software engineer with a long experience in operations and quality management. He has passion to make everything work at a 110%. So, he's sort of our Big Ben, keeper of the timeliness of our Agile development process, reliability of our Server clusters & toughness of our Quality Assurance team. Elie makes sure we constantly release a quality product.

Karim Saikali, PhD - CTO

Karim earned a PhD degree in Software Engineering and is passionate about Service Oriented Architecture, Cloud Computing & Software methodology. He brings with him a broad experience working with leading multi-national companies in Europe. He is driven by the idea of changing the paradigm by which software applications will be built and deployed as new cloud computing based architectures emerge & develop.

Rabih Nassar - CEO

Rabih is the visionary driving the company - and a centerpiece of the vibrant software community in Beirut. His passion for making software development more efficient by redefining the back-end paradigms upon which web applications get written led him in 2003 to found element^n, Apstrata's mother company and is still leading it as CEO.

A true Global Citizen, Rabih splits his time between Beirut and New York, with previous stops in South America and Europe.

Walid Bakkar - VP Engineering

Walid graduated with a B.E. in Computer Engineering and joined ElementN immediately as a Junior developer in 2004. His passion for technology is only equaled by his passion for our products quality and his team's success and well being. His brilliance and consistence drove him up in the ranks to become our chief architect and engineer. More than anyone else in the team, he contributed to make our product what it is today. If anyone epitomizes the culture we built the company around, it's Walid.