Most applications require the creation of groups and users to manage profiling, personalization, access rights and other functionalities. Our identity services give you just that with a simple API call.


Create user accounts, assign them to groups (with access permissions), authenticate them (locally, or with third parties such as facebook and twitter). you want users - we make it easy to manage their accounts.


Our access control lists give you fine-grained control over who can view/modify the data in your application. acl control even extends to api calls so you can ensure that the right features of your app are only available to the correct, authenticated users.
Apstrata provides a NoSQL database service with a "document" (or "object") basic entity paradigm. Our database service provides more natural abstractions for storing business objects than the classical relational model.

Our persistence API takes care of all your Database, Media and Content Management needs.


You can store anything in our database, including digital files. These are all stored on apstrata so you don't need to manage separate stores for your application data and your files. We even have server-side validation and security so you don't have to do that heavy lifting for each data-type you need by custom code.


With our full text search capability, all stores (databases) are indexed and become full text-searchable including content stored in digital files such as pdf or office documents. Full-text search queries can be mixed with a sql like filter on meta-data providing powerful data and knowledge extraction capabilities.


If you have a database query that you use often in your application you can store it on the backend so your application does not need to build that query in multiple places in the code. This makes troubleshooting, maintenance and security much easier.


Apstrata supports acid-level transactions as a tool to help you with database consistency.
Your app will want to communicate with your users. We have API support for Push Notifications, Email send, and Post to Social Media Networks like Facebook and Twitter.


Apstrata allows a developer to send push notifications to iOS applications by abstracting the Apple Push Notification Service. Similarly, it allows a developer to send push notifications to Android applications by abstracting the Cloud to Device Messaging Framework. In other words, apstrata serves as a push notifications provider for iOS and Android applications.


Email messages are one means to achieve notification in Apstrata. A developer has the option to attach one or more files to an email message

Business Logic

Create your custom business logic with server-side scripts hosted on the cloud.

Social Media

We provide your application with the ability to connect to all the major social networks and perform all the needed actions.
Stop worrying about the constant API changes, we will keep your application safely connected with third party services
((User interface widgets
The Apstrata Javascript SDK comes with a set of widgets that act as building blocks for developing rich user interface web applications