Dev Center

We have lots of great resources for you to use to help you in developing your app:


Our wiki is your stop for comprehensive developer documentation. Here you find an overview of the Apstrata service, as well as detailed Developer Reference and documentation about SDKs, widgets and Demo Apps.

Developer Workbench

This is where you will be defining the main apstrata objects to use in your application. It is the first step you should take before starting development. While this is something you could do entirely using the apstrata API with your own code, we are providing the console to save you time and make your task easier as you take your first steps into apstrata.

Download SDKs and Sample Code

Our SDKs simplify the task for writing applications. Whether you are creating native mobile or HTML5 based apps, our SDKs allow you to hit the ground running.


Developers will find our growing library of widgets a blessing. From login widgets, data-entry forms, lazy loading grids to a complete user experience concept. Our widgets make your job easier by preventing you from reinventing the wheel on the user interface for the most common tasks needed for building an app.

For now we have only released widgets for the Javascript SDK, you can find them in our source code repository.