Apstrata provides mobile network operators with an opportunity to fully participate in the smartphone app value chain by leveraging more of their existing assets including infrastructure, trusted billing partner status, sales channels and brand equity.

Apstrata Ecosystem
We empower
mobile network operators
to enable developers to innovate and monetize apps
App Developer
An operator branded
Apstrata mobile cloud
unlocks new business models, differentiates from the competition and creates new revenue streams
New Business Models

The apstrata technology is

A Back-end-as-a-Service that provides mobile app developers with APIs needed to develop and launch apps quickly and cost-effectively:

  • Identity
  • Persistence
  • Messaging
  • Push
  • Social Integration
  • Orchestration

A turnkey last-mile solution allowing mobile operators to offer developers core network APIs:

  • Operator Billing
  • Messaging
  • Location
  • User Information

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Why is Apstrata important to the developer?

smaller cost
Reduced team size, skillset & development time leading to substantial cost savings (~50%), shorter time to market, significantly smaller Total Cost of Operation and more agility
A shorter path to monetization due to the pervasiveness of mobile phones and the significantly lower barriers compared to other electronic payment methods
Benefits to the Developers

The apstrata solution includes

  • White-Labeled Developer Portal and Tools
    A comprehensive developer website with auto-provisioning capability allows the developer to easily register. A full set of mobile, web and desktop SDKs and demo apps allow him to get started quickly.
  • Detailed Documentation
    A detailed wiki based documentation of all the APIs
  • Marketing Roadmap and Activation
    Marketing support services to help define marketing road-map and drive cloud product brand activation, awareness and maintenance campaigns
  • Developer Support
    Phone, Email and Forum first line support for the registered developers.

Why is Apstrata important to the Mobile Network Operator?

  • small investment
    Small Investment
  • gain role in app ecosystem
    Role in Ecosystem
  • differentiation from the competition
    Differentiate from Competition
  • enhance brand equity
    Enhance Brand Equity
  • brand association
    Brand Association
  • Brand Affitinity
    increase brand affinity
  • Support Economy
    support local economy
  • Reduce Churn
    reduce churn
  • Increase ARPU
    increase ARPU
  • Revenue Opportunity
    revenue opportunity
turnkey solution from datacenter
to auto-provisioning portal
marketing & developer support

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